New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation, Inc.

We donate medical services including direct medical interventions, medical equipment, supplies and instruments to qualified organizations in foreign countries. The Foundation is staffed by volunteers. Effective April 23, 2001, the Foundation was classified by the IRS as a charitable organization described in section 501 (c) (3) and is further classified as a 509 (a) (2) “Public Charity.”



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Mission Statement

We serve the underprivileged peoples of foreign countries by providing medical expertise, treatment, services, education, equipment, and supplies. We elevate the dignity and self-esteem of recipients and participants.

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Go to slide show of accomplishments as either PDF (PDF, 1.2mB) or PowerPoint (PPT, 0.6mB) December, 2007.

What's Happening Now


Mission Possible 2010 Gala will be held on Friday June 25, 2010 at Generations Hall. Call 504-392-1934 for more information.


Our Fourth Annual Golf Tournament will tee off at Audubon Golf Club, Audubon Park, New Orleans on Friday, October 29, 2010. This is also an excellent opportunity for sponsorship. Call 504-392-1934 for more information.
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Reports from the Front

Reporter Richard A. Webster of New Orleans Citibusiness accompanied our Mission Team to Nicaragua during the week of October 12 to 18 and filed these reports, presented here with permission:

In Nicaragua, N.O. doctors cure the poor (PDF, 60kB) October 14, 2008
New Orleans Medical Mission battles Sandanistan corruption (PDF, 58kB) October 15, 2008
N.O. doctors fight to save life of Nicaraguan woman (PDF, 55kB) October 16, 2008
New Orleans doctors come to aid of Nicaraguan children (PDF, 65kB) October 17, 2008

Current Newsletter

Spring, 2008 newsletter. (PDF, 426 KB)
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News Archive

Our News Archive contains past issues of the newsletter.


The success of New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation is totally dependent on volunteers. To find out how you can help, check out the possibilities.

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